Who writes the best suspense novels?

Who writes the best suspense novels?

This list features the best suspense authors in history including, Harlan Coben, Thomas Harris, Stieg Larsson, James Patterson, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Truman Capote, Ted Dekker, Dan Brown, Agatha Christie, and Sire Arthur Conan Doyle.

Who is the best mystery thriller writer?

1. Agatha Christie. A discussion of the best mystery writers usually starts with Agatha Christie. She is the best-selling author of all time, with 66 mystery books under her name.

Who writes books like Dan Brown?

10 Thriller Books Like The Da Vinci Code

  • The Flanders Panel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, translated by Margaret Jull Costa.
  • The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury.
  • The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl.
  • The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chockshi.
  • The Ghost Manuscript by Kris Frieswick.
  • The Raphael Affair by Iain Pears.

Who is the best thriller author in the world?

Popular Crime Thriller Authors

  1. Agatha Christie. Talking about crime thriller writers is nearly impossible without reference to Agatha Christie, who is perhaps one of the most famous in this genre.
  2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  3. Louise Penny.
  4. Ann Cleeves.
  5. David Baldacci.
  6. Gillian Flynn.
  7. Stephen King.
  8. Harlan Coben.

What is the most popular mystery books right now?

20 Top NYT Best Selling Mystery & Thriller Books This Year

  • Hidden in Plain Sight.
  • The Dirty South.
  • Invisible Girl. Lisa Jewell.
  • The Coast-To-Coast Murders. James Patterson; J. D. Barker.
  • Mexican Gothic. Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
  • The Guest List. Lucy Foley.
  • Walk the Wire. by David Baldacci.
  • Total Power. Vince Flynn; Kyle Mills.

Which mystery writer is the best-selling modern novelist?

Agatha Christie is the queen of mystery. Her website claims her as “the best-selling novelist of all time.”

Who is the best-selling mystery writers of all time?

Agatha Christie She is the best-selling author of all time, with 66 mystery books under her name.

Who are the best authors for Suspense Stories?

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King Doctor Sleep is the overall highest rated suspense book out there.

  • The Black Widow by Daniel Silva This novel will grab your attention and keep you hanging till the last word.
  • An Innocent Client by Scott Pratt
  • What are some of the must read suspense novels?

    If don’t know the story or not read it yet,read Mahabharata.

  • Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories.
  • If you’re a Kannadiga,read ‘Digbhrameya Dweepagalu’
  • Harry Potter series is also a good read
  • Trojan Odyssey
  • The Sign
  • Digital Fortress,Angels and Demons,Da Vinci Code
  • A song of Ice and Fire series (novels based on which,Game of thrones came out)
  • Which is the best suspense thriller novel to read?

    The Hound of Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Three Act of Tragedy by Agatha Christie
  • The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
  • The Mystery of Holly La
  • What are some of the best mystery books?

    mp_sf_list_6_description: The Pew Group (Doubleday, 1985) by Anthony Oliver, is a delightful “forgotten” British farcical mystery featuring the outrageous Lizzie Thomas and her companion in crime, John Webber. It’s the first of four comedic mysteries by world-renown Staffordshire antiques dealer and critic Anthony Oliver.