Who wrote the lesson of the moth?

Who wrote the lesson of the moth?

Don Marquis
(The character of Archy, created by Don Marquis in 1916, was a cockroach who had been a poet in a previous incarnation. To write he must leap headfirst onto the keys of a typewriter, and thus is unable to capitalize his letters.)

Is the lesson of the moth a poem?

Poem: “the lesson of the moth,” by Don Marquis from The Best of Don Marquis (Doubleday).

What is the theme of the lesson of the moth?

The theme of “The Lesson of the Moth” By Don Marquis is don’t live a boring life.

What is the story of the moth?

The Moth was founded by the novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate in New York the feeling of sultry summer evenings in his native Georgia, when moths were attracted to the light on the porch where he and his friends would gather to spin spellbinding tales.

When was the lesson of the moth written?

The lesson of the moth

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What did Rizal learned from the story of the moth?

Above all, it was from her he learned about obedience, through the story of the moth that got burned by the flame because he disobeyed his mother moth’s warning not to get too near the flame.

What is the story of the moth about what lesson or lessons can we get from the story?

One lesson from the moth story is obedience; always obey those that are older than you, especially your parent, because they know better. The little moth in the story died because he disobeyed his parent and went close to the flame, which burnt him to death.

What type of figurative language is used in the lesson of the moth?

personification, because the author give voice to the moth throughout the story. But it appears first when the moth answers the question.

What is the mood of the lesson of the moth?

The mood of this poem is depressing, mysterious but philosophical. The authors tone is curious, because archy is wondering why the moth wants to kill himself on the wires. The title is telling us that the moth has a lesson to learn and to be told.

What is the moral or lesson of the story?

The moral of a story is the lesson that story teaches about how to behave in the world. Moral comes from the Latin word mores, for habits. If moral is used as an adjective, it means good, or ethical. If you have a strong moral character, you are a good member of society.

What is the moral lesson of The Moth and the flame?

Who is the speaker in the lesson of the moth?

For example, the speaker in “the lesson of the moth” is a cockroach named Archy. As you read each poem, use clues from the text to infer the speaker’s identity. Poets use line breaks, stanzas, and punctuation to help emphasize ideas.