Who wrote Time to Say Goodbye lyrics?

Who wrote Time to Say Goodbye lyrics?

Sarah Brightman
Lucio QuarantottoFrank PetersonDonna Summer
Con te partirò/Lyricists

Is time to say goodbye a funeral song?

‘Time to Say Goodbye’, sung by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman is the nation’s second favourite choice of music at funerals, followed by ‘Over the Rainbow’ at No. 3. Data from Co-op Funeralcare, who arrange up to 100,000 ceremonies a year, reveals Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ has always held the No.

What opera is the song Time to Say Goodbye from?

Brightman and Bocelli produced a version with Brightman singing in German and Bocelli in Italian, with this version being available on the CD Time to Say Goodbye….Duet version.

“Time to Say Goodbye”
Genre Operatic pop
Label East West
Composer(s) Francesco Sartori
Lyricist(s) Lucio Quarantotto

Who first sang Time to Say Goodbye?

Andrea Bocelli
‘Time to Say Goodbye’ was originally released as a single for Andrea Bocelli in 1995, under the title ‘Con te partirò’ (literally ‘I’ll leave with you’). A year later, soprano Sarah Brightman was added to the mix for a performance marking boxer Henry Maske’s final match.

How old is Sarah Brightman?

61 years (August 14, 1960)Sarah Brightman / Age

What is Andrea Bocelli’s signature song?

Con Te Partirò
Originally sung by Andrea Bocelli in Italian only, Con Te Partirò was a hit and became Bocelli’s signature song. This second version, renamed Time To Say Goodbye and reworked to include both English and Italian, reached hit status once again, this time as a duet with Sarah Brightman.

Is Morning Has Broken suitable for a funeral?

Morning Has Broken This hymn is particularly apt for a baptism service, with its child-like uplifting and hopeful words. It can also be appropriate for a funeral service.

How good is Sarah Brightman?

Brightman’s career has been successful, and we mean really successful. She’s the world’s best-selling soprano, has sold more than 30 million records, and is still performing to packed crowds in her fifties.

Is Sarah Brightman still married?

Although Sarah’s marriages to music manager Andrew Graham-Stewart and musical theatre legend Andrew Lloyd Webber ended in divorce, she hasn’t ruled out making it third time lucky. “At the moment I am happy with the way things are, but if it suddenly felt right to get married, I wouldn’t be against it.

Where is Sarah Brightman now?

She went on to star in The Phantom of the Opera, where she originated the role of Christine Daaé. Turning her attentions back to music, Sarah is set to release her new album, titled HYMN, next month and embark on a world tour that will travel across five different continents in 2019.

What is Bocelli’s religion?

Catholic faith
Bocelli had been an agnostic, but around 1994, partly as a result of immersing himself in the works of Russian author Leo Tolstoy, he returned to the practice of the Catholic faith. He performed the hymn “Adeste Fideles” in Rome before Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica at Christmas.