Why are Helios lenses so cheap?

Why are Helios lenses so cheap?

Meet the Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 Lens This was a Russian-made lens that essentially tried to emulate a famous Zeiss one. Several companies made these lenses over several decades, in the millions of units, so they aren’t exactly rare. This means they are really inexpensive because they are so common.

Are Helios lenses good?

Although the Helios 44-2 is a great little lens with some decent sharpness with great bokeh, it will flare like crazy compared to many modern lenses, it has some issues with spherical aberrations.

How old is Helios 44-2?

A look that is one of the main reasons you’ve probably heard of this lens already. And there you go, the history Behind the Helios 44-2, produced from 1958 through the early 90s.

What does a Helios lens do?

Helios (Russian: Ге́лиос) was a brand of camera lenses, made in the USSR. As all lenses based on the Biotar formula, the Helios-44 and Helios-40 produce an unusual “swirly” bokeh effect to the out-of-focus background. The bokeh “circles” become more elliptical in shape as you move away from the center of the photo.

Who is Helios the son of?

Helios is the son of Hyperion and Theia, or Euryphaessa, or Aethra, or Basileia. Out of the four authors that give him and his sisters a birth order, two make him the oldest child, one the middle, and the other the youngest.

What mount is Helios?

M42 lens
Helios (Russian: Ге́лиос) was a brand of camera lenses, made in the USSR. They were usually supplied with Zenit cameras and thus usable with other M42 lens mount cameras such as the Pentax Spotmatic. Some later Helios models were built also for the Pentax K mount.

Is the Helios 44 full frame?

Weird Lens Reviews: Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 with samples (Full-frame and APS-C)

How does a petzval lens work?

Optical Design The lens consisted of two doublet lenses with an aperture stop in between. The front lens is well corrected for spherical aberrations but introduces coma. The second doublet corrects for this and the position of the stop corrects most of the astigmatism.

What is the Helios 44m-4 lens?

The Helios 44M-4 lens is a standard lens for single-lens reflex cameras and is suitable for all types of photography, including portraits and landscapes. This lens is designed and manufactured at the Krasnogorsk machine plant. Helios 44m-4 is a manual diaphragm with 6 blades.

What about the’helios-44m 2/58’lens?

This review shows the ‘HELIOS-44M 2/58’ lens, serial number 8027170, manufactured at the Jupiter plant, Valdai. The lens is no different from the HELIOS-44M 2/58 manufactured at KMZ. M42x1 / 45.5 – common ‘M42’ seating thread. manual focus only. simple chemical enlightenment of optics. The lens is suitable for full-format cameras. 8 rounded petals.

Is the Helios 44m the MC version?

Helios 44M is not the MC version. I took out the Zenith em with Helios 44-3 (recall youth) I use Ken, but the zenith is in front! In general, we did very well, the device is 30 years old and takes off the class! And in his hand lies rooted to the spot!

Is the Zenit MC Helios 44-4k a vintage lens?

John Riley reviews the “Zenit” MC Helios 44-4K 58mm f/2.0 vintage lens in K-Mount, with a full-frame DSLR. Also known as the 44M, in M42 mount. If we rewind time to our distant youth, many photographers who discovered photography in the 1960s or 1970s may well have started with a Zenith SLR camera, courtesy of low-cost factories in the former USSR.