Why are Mathews quivers so expensive?

Why are Mathews quivers so expensive?

If you take a look at the quiver you can see that a lot of ‘machining’ was done using quality material. These quiver’s aren’t made in a third world country, it was made in Wis. by very hard working individual who earn every cent that they’re paid. That’s why it cost so much.

How much does a Mathews quiver weigh?

Gear / AccessoriesQ-LITEā„¢ QUIVER. Weighing a mere 7 oz, the Q-Lite is one of the lightest quivers on the market.

Is Matthews a good bow?

Are Mathews bad bows? NO! They are pretty good. They have good fit and finish, good quality components, reasonable performance, smooth draw/shot cycles, pretty good nock travel, and good accuracy.

Are Mathews bows expensive?

They are no more expensive than Bowtech or Hoyt or any other high end bows…they also have a cheaper line out called the Mission bows that seem like good bows for the money………that being said just find one that fits you PSE and Martin make some fine bows and also I like the ROSS line……..

How much is the Mathews VXR 28?

For those willing to pay the premium MSRP of $1099, the Mathews VXR 28 will be a solid rig for anyone wanting a shorter bow hunting rig.

Are Mathews bows heavy?

Bare bow wise Mathews is heavier (4.5 lbs Vs. 4.96 lbs) but once I added all the stuff on it and balanced it the way I like it. they weight almost exactly the same (9.4 – 9.6 lbs).

How long will a Mathews bow last?

Provided a bow is kept dry, dirt free and not dropped, it should last a lifetime. The strings are the only consumable items on a bow and with regular shooting you can expect to change them once every 1 to 2 years.

Why are Mathews bows top heavy?

The grip is below the center of the bow, which means it’s going to be a bit top heavy. A below center grip holds/aims incredibly well, and these bows tune very well/easily.

Do I need a quiver for my bow?

Having a bow-mounted quiver keeps your arrows conveniently at hand. Try wearing a hip quiver some time and pick your way through the woods with a climbing stand or other gear strapped to your back. Don’t be surprised if your arrows continually catch on tree branches and brush, and bang against your stand.

Is Mathews Arrow Web 2 piece quiver any good?

Mathews Arrow Web 2-Piece Quiver This quiver has been used several hunting seasons. But is in good condition. It is a right-handed 5 arrow quiver with adjustments to compensate for arrow size. Has mechanical foam insert inside the quiver which has seen some use, but still works fine. All hardware is included. Camo pattern is Realtree Hardwoods HD.

What is the best two piece arrow quiver?

Mathews FP-Series Two Piece Arrow Quiver is a great option for those preferring to leave their quiver attached for the majority of the time.

What does the Mathews Bow come with?

Mathews rest, Apex quiver with two Beman more arrows, Terminator Serrated 125 grain broadheads, stabilizer, and a arm guard. This bow comes with everything that you need to shoot for this upcoming season at a great price. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about it.

What is this Mathews quiver adapter for?

This is a used Mathews quiver adapter for the Gridlock risers such as Heli-m. Creed, etc. It was on a bow for a couple months and is in great shape. If more you have any questions or need more pictures just email and I will get back with you.