Why are radiation therapists paid so much?

Why are radiation therapists paid so much?

The pay is high because you have to be at your best every minute you are dealing with the patients, you will be delivering extremely high doses of radiation to human beings and there is the possibility that they can be injured or even worse, however small that risk may be it is still there.

What are the benefits of a bachelor degree?

10 Benefits of Having a College DegreeIncreased Access to Job Opportunities. Preparation for a Specialized Career. Increased Marketability. Increased Earning Potential. Economic Stability. Networking Opportunities. A Pathway to Advancement. Personal Growth and Improved Self-Esteem.

Is a Bachelor’s degree good enough?

Understand job and career requirements. Some jobs absolutely require studies beyond the undergraduate level, while others may consider you “over qualified” with additional education. And in some career fields a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient for entry, but a master’s or more will be necessary to advance.

How important is a college degree in 2020?

Degree-holders have the potential to earn an estimated $468 more per week than high school grads, and up to $2.8 million more over their lifetimes. This high-income potential used to make going to college the obvious choice.