Why Avtech?

Why Avtech?

Why AVTECH? Click for details… Our flagship monitor with SSL/TLS, 32 sensor capacity, all other Room Alert 32E features… the best choice for any large secure facility. Click for details… One of our most secure monitors with SSL/TLS, 11 sensor capacity, all other Room Alert 12E features… a secure and professional choice for any facility.

What can I find in the Avtech support section?

Helpful guides in setting up AVTECH environment monitors, sensors and accessories. Access Room Alert firmware and other AVTECH software. Important support announcement such as firmware updates or product bulletins.

How do I Find my Room alert monitor with Avtech device discovery?

Automatic Discovery With AVTECH’s Device Discovery. 1. Open the Device Discovery utility. You may find it in your Windows system typically through the default path: C:Program FilesAVTECH Device Discovery Utility. 2. Select Search. Device Discovery then scans your network using a broadcast on UDP Port 30718 to find your Room Alert Monitor.

Why is my Avtech DVR not working?

All support for AVTECH DVR/NVR/IP Cameras will cease as there’s no easy way to diagnosed if problem with the devices are due to malware infection or device fault and most of the equipment last installed in 2015 had been discontinued by AVTECH and no longer have any firmware upgrades.