Why Centurion Boats?

Why Centurion Boats?

Centurion’s line of wakeboarding boats combines innovative design and practicality unlike anything else on the market.

Is there a 23 foot Centurion ri230?

MERCED, CA (August 30th, 2021) – Centurion is proud to announce the new 23-foot Centurion Ri230. The Centurion Ri230 generates large incredible surf waves even as the smallest model in the Ri Series. This 23-foot boat is a size many boaters have been wanting to get a hold of because of its deeper, thoughtfully refined, […]

Did you know Centurion Boats is supporting splash Norris Lake?

Lake Norris, TN (October 28th, 2021) – Centurion Boats has joined forces with an amazing group of boat owners and local business leaders to help support “SPLASH”. SPLASH Norris Lake is an organization that was started to provide a great summer experience for the children at Wears Valley Ranch.