Why did Grounded for Life get Cancelled?

Why did Grounded for Life get Cancelled?

Jake Burbage (Henry) moved back east with his family in 2004. Instead of writing him out or recasting the role, and since Claudia became pregnant, the producers decided to continue the season with one fewer kid. FOX canceled the show after three episodes of the third season.

Where is Lily from Grounded for Life?

Lynsey Bartilson was born in Edina, Minnesota on July 1, 1983, and moved to Los Angeles with her …

When was Grounded for Life Cancelled?

January 28, 2005Grounded for Life / Final episode date
It was immediately picked up for the rest of the third season by The WB, where it aired for two additional seasons until the series ended on January 28, 2005.

What was the last episode of Grounded for Life?

Hello, GoodbyeGrounded for Life / Final episode
Hello, Goodbye. The new Finnerty is about to arrive, causing Sean and Claudia to rush to the hospital, leaving Lily at her graduation.

How many seasons does Grounded for Life have?

5Grounded for Life / Number of seasons

What channel is Grounded for Life on?

The WB
Grounded for Life/Networks

Who played Uncle Eddie Grounded for Life?

Kevin Corrigan
Grounded for Life (TV Series 2001–2005) – Kevin Corrigan as Eddie Finnerty – IMDb.

What happened to Henry Finnerty on Grounded for Life?

Henry Finnerty (Jake Burbage) (8–12 years old) – The youngest son of the family, Henry, disappeared at the beginning of the fifth season when actor Jake Burbage left to move back east with his family.

What happened to Jake Burbage?

Career. Burbage played the role of youngest child Henry Finnerty for the first four seasons of Grounded for Life, but left the show at the end of season 4 to move back home to New Jersey. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of Shakespeare 70, a non-professional theatre company in central New Jersey.

How many seasons are there of Grounded for Life?

Where can I watch grounded?

Watch Grounded with Louis Theroux on BBC iPlayer A compilation of highlights from the first series of Grounded With Louis Theroux.

Who plays Declan Sullivan?

Kevin CorriganDeclan Sullivan / Played by

Is the TV show grounded for life still on?

No longer aired. The entire series of Grounded for Life has been released on DVD; Anchor Bay Entertainment originally held distribution rights to the series, releasing all five seasons in individual sets between 2006 and 2007.

Was ist grounded for life?

“Grounded for Life” ist eine der wenigen Ausnahmen aus dem Sitcom-Einerlei. Die Geschichten um ein irisch-italienischstämmige Familie und die Konflikte ihrer Mitglieder sind zwar kein Neuland, die Art der Erzählweise hingegen schon.

Do you think grounded for life got the attention it deserves?

“Grounded for Life” was one of those TV series that was often shown opposite other highly-rated comedies. Therefore, I do not believe that it got the attention it deserved.

What happened to Jake Burbage on Grounded for life?

A little wild, sometimes annoying, and unfortunately gullible, he is kindhearted and gentle. Jake Burbage left the show at the end of season four (in the summer of 2004) to move back east, which is why he was never seen in season five. Grounded for Life cast, seasons 3–4. Gracie, the youngest Finnerty, was born in the last episode.