Why did Ruger discontinue the security Six?

Why did Ruger discontinue the security Six?

Why did Ruger discontinue making the Security Six? Because someone at Ruger was probably drunk when they made the decision. S&W had been making medium frame . 357 revolvers on K-frames, the frames they made .

Does Ruger still make security Six?

While Ruger’s Security-Six line has been out of production since 1988, a total of over 1.5 million revolvers were produced and they remain well-liked and respected, as well as highly sought after in the second-hand market due to their strength and reliability.

What year is Ruger Security Six?

The Ruger Security Six and its variants, the Service Six and Speed Six are a product line of double action revolvers introduced in 1972 and manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Company….

Ruger Security Six
Produced 1972-1988
Variants Service Six Speed Six
Weight 33.5 oz (4 inch barrel)

What frame is a Ruger Speed Six?

The “Service Six”, also known as the “Police Service Six”, came with fixed sights, a square butt frame and were mostly cambered for the . 357 Magnum; however, some police departments fielded models with . 38 Special or 9mm Luger calibers.

What year did Colt stop making the python?

It was discontinued by 1990 and briefly offered as a “Custom Shop” model afterward. A Python Target model was made for several years in .

What frame is Ruger GP100?

Because of these features, the GP100 series is widely described as one of the strongest medium frame revolvers ever made. The GP100 is manufactured in . 327 Federal Magnum, . 357 Magnum, .

Where is serial number on Ruger police Service Six?

A letter “U” is stamped to the right of the serial number located on the bottom of the grip frame. The “U” indicates a used firearm. This . 357 Magnum stainless revolver holds six rounds.

How old is my Ruger Single Six?

Single-Six Standard Model Revolver (Manufactured from 1953 to 1973) Caliber: 22 LR
Beginning Serial Number: Years of Production:
187367 1962
20-00001 1969
20-39803 1970

Where is serial number on Ruger Police Service Six?

What frame is a Ruger GP100?

Is it worth buying a Colt Python?

The fit and finish are very good, probably better than the guns built at the end of the snake gun era. Not to offend collectors, the new Python is, in many ways, better than the original. The only thing missing from this model is one with Colt’s classic Royal Blue finish.

Who is Security Six?

Security Six is a leading provider of Security Training, and Licensing. Security Six specializes in training classes which include powers to arrest/weapons of mass destruction (guard card), initial firearms and requalification, impact weapons ( baton ), chemical agent tear gas, taser,and handcuffing.

What is the difference between the Security Six and service six?

Many more of the shorter barrel models were made of the Speed Six and Service Six variants. The Police-Service Six or simply Service Six is a fixed sight version of the Security Six with a square but frame; originally designed with law enforcement in mind, they make excellent carry guns for civilians.

What kind of barrel does a Ruger Security Six have?

Ruger Security Six fitted with a 4 inch barrel, checkered walnut grips with Ruger eagle medallions, serrated ramped front sight, adjustable rear sight, is blue finished, and chambered in .357 Magnum. Click for more info RUGER SECURITY-SIX .357 MAGNUM CAL. HEAVY BARREL 4” STAINLESS REVOLVER W/ORIG. BOX. RUGER SECURITY-SIX .357 MAGNUM CAL.

What makes the Security-Six so special?

The topstrap of the Security-Six was thickened a bit, as was the barrel shank, to better stand up to a steady diet of magnum loads. Keeping strength—consequently shooter safety—paramount, the engineering team found a way to offset the locking bolt notches, leaving more metal to support the weakest part of the firearm.