Why did Shure stop making cartridges?

Why did Shure stop making cartridges?

In recent years, the ability to maintain our exacting standards in the Phonograph Cartridge product category has been challenged, resulting in cost and delivery impacts that are inconsistent with the Shure brand promise.

Are Shure cartridges any good?

All in, the Shure M97xE is a very good phonograph cartridge. What really makes it one of the best are it’s easy, neutral sound and the fact that it plays so well with all manner of equipment. It truly is one of the “universal” cartridges…seemingly, every vinyl enthusiast has had a M97 in some version at some time.

Did Shure go out of business?

For now, with Shure cartridges such as the M35X, M44G, M44-7, M97xE and M92E still on sale, if you want a spare cartridge (or two), now is the time to snap up the last products. …

Are Shure cartridges still made?

Shure announced all phono cartridge models will be discontinued, but Shure’s microphone and headphone production is unaffected. He explained while sales numbers have remained steady over the past 15 years, the 36 parts suppliers that made Shure cartridges, styluses, cantilevers, magnets, wire, etc.

How do I know if my cartridge is MM or MC?

In a stereo cartridge, two sets of coils and the pins represent the positive and negative poles for each end. With the presence of a magnet, this is how the MM creates a signal. Meanwhile, an MC goes in the opposite direction–the coils of wire move in a sideward motion while the magnet stays as is.

When did Shure stop making cartridges?

summer 2018
At the height of its production, Shure was manufacturing roughly 28,000 cartridges a day, 25,000 of which were made at its phonograph production plant in Arizona. The company will discontinue production of all models in summer 2018.

What is high compliance cartridge?

A phono cartridge with the compliance in the range of 5 to 10 µm/mN is considered as a very low compliance cartridge, a cartridge with the compliance in the range of 10 to 20 µm/mN is moderate compliance cartridge and a cartridge with the compliance value above 35µm/mN is very high compliance cartridge.

What is a JICO SAS stylus?

JICO is the high quality replacement stylus manufacturer and technological pioneer that developed the superlative Super Analogue Stylus. 1. The S.A.S. tips are produced using a natural octahedral single-crystal diamond with the most advanced electronic engineering technology.

What is a Pickering cartridge?

PICKERING has its roots in the phonograph cartridge as far back as 1947. Since its inception, the company has been at the leading edge of technology and development in the phono cartridge industry. PICKERING holds more patents and more industry firsts than any other manufacturer in the world.

Why is MC better than MM?

Both cartridge designs can sound excellent but the MC variant has the ability to go one step further and reach audiophile heights. Generally, the best value, lower cost, cartridges are of a MM design. Those who are looking to achieve the best overall sound for turntables often choose the moving coil cartridge.

Is ortofon MM or MC?

The 2M Black flagship from Ortofon is widely acknowledged as being one of the best MM cartridges on the market, but at Ortofon being the best doesn’t mean that we can’t get better.

What is considered a high mass tonearm?

A tonearm whose effective mass is rated between 11 and 25 grams is considered moderate mass (e.g. SME 309, IV, IV-Vi, V, Triplanar, Graham). Arms above 25 grams of mass are high mass in nature (Eminent Technology, Dynavector).