Why did Superman Lives get Cancelled?

Why did Superman Lives get Cancelled?

Why Tim Burton’s Superman Lives Didn’t Happen Warner Bros. ordered another rewrite from Dan Gilroy for “budgetary reasons” and filming was delayed, and the project was finally put on hold and effectively canceled in April 1998. The budgetary reasons were the result of a series of box office misfires Warner Bros.

Why did Nicolas Cage Superman get Cancelled?

The canceled Nicholas Cage Superman movie was to be based on the Death and Return storylines. But the project was shelved when Warner Bros. saw it as a financial risk and Tim Burton departed due to numerous script edits by the producers.

Did Kevin Smith write a Superman movie?

Kevin Smith’s unproduced Superman film from the ’90s has become the stuff of geek legend. Mostly thanks to the hilarious stories Smith’s told about the process of getting the job and writing the script over the years. There’s even a documentary about the unmade Superman Lives film, made by the late, great Jon Schnepp.

What did Jon Peters insist be included in the script?

Kevin Smith regularly talks about his experience writing the initial script for the movie and his bizarre interactions with Jon Peters, who insisted that Superman fight a giant spider in the movie.

Was Nic Cage a Superman?

Cage, who was cast as the comic-book hero for Superman Lives, a Tim Burton-helmed film planned for the late ’90s, smolders in one of the remaining pics, his long brown hair worn down and disheveled. “The #NicCage #Superman pic that DIDN’T go round the world, but SHOULD have.

What happened to the death of Superman?

In the aftermath of the Death of Superman it was eventually revealed that the Eradicator stole Superman’s body from his crypt and placed him inside a Kryptonian device in the Fortress of Solitude called “the regeneration matrix.”

When was Superman Lives supposed to come out?

Superman Lives is a cancelled superhero film under the direction of Tim Burton, based on screenplays by Wesley Strick and Dan Gilroy. Inspired by 1992 comic book The Death of Superman WB’s at behest, which was planned for a release in the Summer of 1998.

How much was Nicolas Cage paid Superman?

Fun Movie Fact! Nicolas Cage was paid $20 million for playing Superman in a movie which got shelved. Cage was almost going to be Superman for Tim Burton’s Superman Lives in 1998 which never got made.

Does Nicolas Cage have a son?

Weston Coppola Cage
Kal-El Coppola Cage
Nicolas Cage/Sons
In 1988, Cage began dating actress Christina Fulton, with whom he had a son, Weston Coppola Cage (born December 26, 1990). Weston has been involved in two black metal bands, and appeared in his father’s film Lord of War as a helicopter mechanic. Through Weston, Cage has two grandsons born in 2014 and 2016.

Who Killed Superman documentary?

The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? is a 2015 American documentary film written and directed by Jon Schnepp and produced by Holly Payne….

The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?
Starring Nicolas Cage Tim Burton Kevin Smith
Cinematography Carl Millard King
Edited by Marie Jamora Jon Schnepp

What nationality is Superman?


Alter ego Kal-El (birth name) Clark Joseph Kent (adopted name)
Species Kryptonian
Place of origin Kryptonopolis (Krypton) Smallville / Metropolis (Earth)
Team affiliations Justice League Legion of Super-Heroes Superman Family

Is Kevin Smith rich?

Kevin Smith Net Worth

Net Worth: $25 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Film director, Film Editor, Comedian, Comic Book Creator, Radio personality, Screenwriter, Television producer, Author
Nationality: United States of America

Did Kevin Smith write Superman Lives?

Please try again later. On this episode of The Never Weres, Yahoo’s show about projects that almost got made, but never quite came to be, Kevin Smith talks about his experience writing Superman Lives, a Superman script that was extensively developed, but then never came to fruition.

What was Tim Burton’s experience with Superman Lives like?

To this day, Burton has depicted the experience of Superman Lives as one of the worst experiences in his life, citing various differences with Peters and the studio, stating, “I basically wasted a year. A year is a long time to be working with somebody that you don’t really want to be working with.”

Who are the actors in the new Superman movie?

Smith’s casting choices included Ben Affleck as Clark Kent / Superman, Linda Fiorentino as Lois Lane, Jack Nicholson as Lex Luthor, Famke Janssen as Mercy, John Mahoney as Perry White, David Hyde Pierce as The Eradicator, Jason Lee as Brainiac and Jason Mewes as Jimmy Olsen .

What was the name of the Superman movie with the Spiders?

Peters was able to recycle his giant spider idea in Wild Wild West (1999), a film he produced. Smith’s draft (titled Superman Lives) had Brainiac sending Doomsday to kill Superman, as well as blocking out the sun to make Superman powerless, as Superman is fueled by sunlight.