Why did Tracee Ellis leave Reed Between the Lines?

Why did Tracee Ellis leave Reed Between the Lines?

“During that time when they didn’t know, I was offered a really amazing pilot for NBC, and BET graciously allowed me to go and do it.” Ross says from there things got tricky. “Then the timing got complicated and there was a need to move forward. [BET] had to figure out how to deal without me because I wasn’t available.

How many seasons are there of Reed Between the Lines?

2Reed Between the Lines / Number of seasons

When did Reed Between the Lines end?

October 9, 2015Reed Between the Lines / Final episode date

When did Reed Between the Lines come out?

October 11, 2011Reed Between the Lines / First episode date

Who is Malcolm Jamal Warner married to?

Malcolm-Jamal Warner (born August 18, 1970) is an American actor, director, producer, musician, and writer….

Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Occupation Actor, director, producer, writer
Years active 1982–present
Partner(s) Michelle Thomas (1988–1994) Karen Malina White (2000–2007)
Children 1

Does Tracee Ellis Ross return to Reed Between the Lines?

Tracee Ellis Ross will not be returning for the second season of Reed Between the Lines. In a surprising turn of events, Tracee Ellis Ross has announced that she will not be returning to BET’s Reed Between the Lines when the second season airs next summer.

Who is Tracee Ellis Ross’s father?

Robert Ellis SilbersteinTracee Ellis Ross / Father

Is Tracee Ellis Ross leaving blackish?

But I walked in that room and look at me now. After eight seasons, we’re now saying a beautiful goodbye. I say “beautiful” because Girlfriends, which also went eight seasons, did not have a proper goodbye.

Who is Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s parents?

Robert Warner Jr.
Pamela Warner
Malcolm-Jamal Warner/Parents

Why did Regina King break up with Malcolm?

The pair called it quits after only two years “He said he wasn’t feeling it anymore,” a source told Us Weekly of the split, following Warner’s request that King and her son move out of the home they shared.

Who is Evan Ross married to?

Ashlee SimpsonEvan Ross / Spouse (m. 2014)

Did Tracee Ross have a baby?

Does Tracee Ellis Ross have children? The Black-ish star is happily single and has no children of her own, although she is a proud aunt to her siblings’ kids, who she shares her adoration for on social media.