Why do Greyhounds have a house collar?

Why do Greyhounds have a house collar?

It is no surprise that these special dogs need special sighthound collars to protect their neck and throat, which can be damaged when a dog pulls wearing a narrow collar. The wide part of sighthound collar will fit under the dog’s throat and any pulling on the lead will not cut off his breath and arterial blood flow.

Why do lurchers have wide collars?

Hound necks are often wider than their heads (especially greyhounds) which means narrow collars can easily slip over their heads if they have a tendency to wriggle or pull on the lead. A wider shape collar helps to protect a larger surface area of the neck and distribute pressure evenly.

What is a house collar for dogs?

Tag/House Collars Tag collars are used for just your pets tags. They are light weight and comfy for your dog to wear around the house, walking with a different collar on, or when wearing a harness. This tag collar adjusts but does not have a d-ring. The lack of extra hardware keeps the collar light weight.

What is a house collar?

These collars are of a non-opening design and are suitable for all breeds of dog but are especially designed for sighthounds (greyhound, saluki, lurcher, wolfhound, whippet etc) as a tag or house collar.

How do you measure a Lurcher collar?

If you have a sighthound such as an Italian Greyhound, Whippet, lurcher or Greyhound for example, rather than measuring around the middle of the neck, wrap the tape measure so that it is fairly snug, just behind the ears and under the chin at the top of the neck.

Is harness or collar better for Lurcher?

I would put a light collar on to get him used to wearing one, but definitely use a harness for teaching him to walk on a lead and the Dog Games harness’s are fab. You don’t want to do any damage to his neck by him doing any pulling on a collar. It is perfectly possible to teach a good lead walk using a harness.

Can lurchers wear a harness?

Dog Harness CosyDogs – soft, safe and perfect for greyhounds & lurchers and all other breeds. The harness also allows you to have more control over your dog as you can restrain him better by holding onto the harness. This is very useful for non dog friendly greyhounds, dogs straight off the track, or for cat training.

Are wide collars better for dogs?

In addition to being chic and trendy, wide collars tend to be safer and stronger than their thin counterparts. The extra material distributes pressure against your dog’s throat more evenly, which can reduce tracheal damage in the long run. Plus, they’re just more comfy for many canines.

Where should a dog collar sit?

A perfect fitting collar should sit comfortably around your dog’s neck, flat against the coat, and allow one or two fingers between the collar and their coat. Don’t get too caught up in the style of your dog’s collar. Instead, you should predominantly be buying for comfort.

Is harness or collar better for lurcher?

What size collar does a lurcher puppy need?

What size collar should I buy for my puppy?

BREED Average Neck Inches (adult) Average Neck cms (adult)
Lurcher 13-20″ 33-51cm
Maltese 10-14″ 25-36cm
Newfoundland 26-32″ 66-81cm
Old English Sheepdog 18-24″ 45-61cm

What is a fishtail collar?

The different types of dog collars For sighthounds like greyhounds, Salukis and whippets, the fishtail collar is shaped to support the widest part of a hound’s long delicate neck. The Martingale Collar is a more humane option and is safer and just as secure as a choke chain collar.

What is the best collar for a lurcher?

The Martingale collar is a very decorative collar and usually similar in price to a leather one although they can be £100 or more. If you can afford it then a martingale should be one of your best lurcher collars. I personally would use it as a decorative collar and use a leather one for actual control.

Why choose dog Moda’s leather Lurcher collars?

At Dog Moda we design and handmade leather lurcher collars. Our leather lurcher collars are stylish, look smart and at the same time are practical enough to be worn everyday. These traditional collars feature our improved buckle design and are generously padded for your lurcher’s ultimate comfort.

Can you put a choker on a lurcher?

These include chokers of various types and ” Pinch or Prong Collars”. These may well be OK on a pit bull but not on our pet. The neck on a Lurcher is far too delicate for this type of equipment. Added to this is the breeds ability to get up to high speeds in seconds makinga serious injury more than just a possibility.

What is the largest size collar for a greyhound?

Available in tweed, cow spot, cow leopard or black, tan, brown leather with matching leads. Large Collar 35 – 39 cms – 13.5 – 15.5 inches – the large size will fit the majority of greyhounds.