Why do I have to pay for Pou?

Why do I have to pay for Pou?

With Android, distribution of apps may not necessarily happen via the Google Play (or some other app store). This creates the possibility that apps may be distributed by other means, hence posing a risk for app publishers. Therefore usually the preferred practice is to have in app purchase rather than a paid app.

Does Pou have a gender?

You can rub Pou and it will act like it is getting tickled, panting like a dog. Pou is apparently genderless, with the creator using “it” pronouns.

Can you play Pou online?

Pou Game on Lagged Take care of your Pou pet in this fun online game. Change the scenery and the baby items as you take caring to a new level. Keep advancing through each stage as you keep your creature at full health and happiness.

Are there free apps on iPhone?

You can download apps on an iPhone for free in the App Store, which offers a wide range of free and paid apps. It’s easy to locate free apps on your iPhone by going to the Apps tab in the App Store, and then choosing the category for all the top free apps.

Why is Pou so popular?

In Pou, players can feed, wash, and play games with a brown, triangular alien pet, which has turned out to be wildly addictive; the app made a global Top 5 Paid iOS Apps list last month, sees between between 260-320,000 free downloads a day on Android, and has so far hit #1 in the iPhone kids games category in a total …

Is Pou a alien?

Pou (character) – the triangle alien character. …

Is Pou a spy?

For example, the Pou app downloaded an APK called com. In reality, this app was a Trojan identified as Trojan. Spy.

Is Pou app safe?

The Pou app presents an alien critter (Pou) that players must care for by feeding, cleaning and playing with it. This app can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is rated for users of all ages and features both in-app purchases and advertisements. This app is safe for kids.