Why do they kill whales in Faroe Islands?

Why do they kill whales in Faroe Islands?

Proponents of Faroese pilot whaling defend it as essential to Faroese culture and argue that the number of whales taken are not harmful to the general pilot whale population. They also point to recent Faroese laws to make the whale hunts more humane and reduce the unnecessary suffering of the animals.

Do they eat whales in Faroe Islands?

Known as the grind (or Grindadrap in Faroese), the hunting of sea mammals – primarily whales – is a tradition that has been practised for hundreds of years on the remote Faroe Islands. The Faroese government says about 600 pilot whales are caught every year on average.

How do I get to Mulafossur waterfall?

Múlafossur Travel Guide A nice walk from the village houses in Gásadalur, you will find this famous waterfall. Múlafossur is situated on Vagar island some 11 km (7 miles) from Vagar Airport. Just before getting to the waterfall, you will drive through the Gásadalstunnilin tunnel.

How many pilot whales are killed in Faroe Islands?

Records of all pilot whale hunts have been kept since 1584 and the practice is deemed sustainable, as there are an estimated 778,000 whales in the eastern North Atlantic region. Approximately 100,000 swim close to the Faroe Islands, and the Faroese hunt on average 800 pilot whales annually.

What country kills the most whales?

Norway has surpassed Japan and Iceland in its whale hunting quotas (which do not include dolphins), and now officially kills more whales than any country in the world.

What is the point of the grindadrap?

The grindadrap is the harvesting and slaughter of long-finned pilot whales. Faroese claim this is a tradition. The majority of North Atlantic cetaceans give birth to their calves in the warm waters of the equator before migrating past the Faroe Islands to feed in the rich waters of Svalbard and the Arctic.

What is the purpose of the grind?

The grind, or grindadrap, is a non-commercial, community based whale and dolphin drive in the Faroe Islands. Around 840 pilot whales and white sided dolphins are killed every year. This is done by local boats driving them in to designated beaches (there are 26 around the Faroe Islands.

Do they eat dolphins in Faroe Islands?

Every summer in the Faroe Islands hundreds of pilot whales and dolphins are slaughtered in drive hunts known as the “grind” that residents defend as a long-held tradition.

How do I get to Gásadalur?

Gásadalur is located on the island of Vágar. It takes approximately 15 mintues to drive from Vágar Airport to Gásadalur. From Vágar airport, head west on route 22 towards the village of Sørvágur. In Sørvágur, you will see signs towards the villages of Bøur and Gásadalur.

How do you get to the Faroe Islands?

Two airlines fly to the Faroe Islands. These are Atlantic Airways and Scandinavian Airlines. Flights from Reykjavik, Edinburgh and Bergen to the Faroe Islands with Atlantic Airways are only one hour long, and flights from Copenhagen with either Atlantic Airways or Scandinavian Airlines last only two hours.

Why are Faroe Islands killing dolphins?

According to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, “The meat of the pilot whale is toxic with methyl mercury and other heavy metals like lead, PCB’s, etc.” Therefore, the Faroese are killing over 1,400 whales and dolphins solely for trophy hunting purposes.

Is whale legal to eat in the US?

While it is considered a delicacy in Japan and some other countries, meat from whale — an endangered species — cannot be sold legally in the United States.