Why does a bride need 2 garters?

Why does a bride need 2 garters?

If you are going to do the wedding garter toss at the reception, some brides choose to wear two wedding garters. Many brides who wear two garters don’t want to loose their main garter and would rather not think about having to get it back after the toss, so they opt to wear a second garter.

What does a garter symbolize for a wedding?

In medieval times, wedding guests would tear the bride’s clothes off, so brides began wearing garters they could throw into the crowd. Today, the garter toss also symbolizes the passage from single to married life for the bride and groom.

Why are garters taken off at weddings?

The whole tradition behind the wedding garter dates back to the Dark Ages, where it was considered good luck to take home a piece of the bride’s clothing. This tradition soon turned into wearing and then removing a garter, in order to protect the bride from over-enthusiastic participants in the wedding party.

Do brides still wear garters?

Yes, brides are still wearing wedding garters.

What can I use instead of a garter toss?

Passing on the Love: Bridal Bouquet and Garter Toss Alternatives

  • Couples Dance. Instead of giving your bouquet to the single ladies, consider doing the opposite; give your bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest.
  • Gift Card Toss.
  • Something Borrowed.
  • Toss the Boutonniere.
  • Thank the Mothers.
  • Final Thoughts.

Do you wear one garter 2?

You may choose to wear your garter on either your left or your right leg based on your personal preference. Many brides choose to wear two garters: one to toss, and one to keep. If this is the case, you should wear both garters on the same leg with the tossing garter placed lower than the keeper garter.

Who puts the garter on the bride?

the groom
The wedding garter is a piece of bridal lingerie worn under the wedding dress. During the reception, the groom will remove the garter from underneath the bride’s gown (with his hands or teeth) and toss it into the crowd. The garter toss is very similar to the bouquet toss.

Is the garter toss awkward?

The garter toss can be even more uncomfortable—for the bride, the groom and everyone watching—in addition to singletons participating. The groom digs around under his bride’s dress to remove a lacy piece of lingerie, then flings it into a crowd of cheering single men—all witnessed by their family and friends.

Why does the groom go under the bride’s dress?

In this long-standing tradition, the groom reaches under the bride’s dress to remove the garter and throws it to the male wedding guests. “After the marriage was consummated, the groom would give the bride’s garter to the waiting crowd to prove that the deed was done.”

Are garters necessary?

You may be a bride wondering ‘do I need to wear a wedding garter?’ , but it really is not something that you absolutely have to wear on your wedding day. It is, like every other wedding accessory, a choice that is completely up to you as the bride and your style.

Why should you not throw a garter?

One common reason for not wanting to actually toss the garter is that many brides want to keep it as a modern heirloom—if that’s the case for you, but you still want the fun moment of the groom peeling it off and then tossing it, consider getting a separate toss garter.

How do you make a garter toss fun?

Here are some unique ideas to consider as a garter toss alternative.

  1. Have the Groom Show Off His Moves.
  2. Score Points With Sports Fans.
  3. Up the Ante.
  4. Put It in a Piñata.
  5. Remove Everything and the Kitchen Sink.
  6. Throw Something Else.
  7. Test Guests’ Knowledge of the Couple.
  8. Get the Kids Involved.