Why does Mr Dorset ask the kidnappers for money?

Why does Mr Dorset ask the kidnappers for money?

Why does Mr. Dorset ask the kidnappers for money? Dorset asked for money so he could take his child home. This shows that the father doesn’t have a relationship with his son.

Why do Bill and Sam agree to the terms of Mr Dorset’s letter?

Why do Bill and Sam agree to the terms of Mr. Dorset’s letter? They are tired of the boy.

How does Bill feel about the boy?

Bill ends up loathing and terrified of little Johnny, the boy they kidnap. He is willing to do almost anything to get him off his hands. The humor and irony in the story turn on what looks like an easy money kidnapping becoming far more than the hapless kidnappers bargained for.

What does Red Chief’s father think of him?

What does Red Chief’s father think of him? Red Chief’s dad finds his son annoying and embarrassing; it seems he doesn’t want spend time with Johnny. He likely loves his son, but also doesn’t worry when his son is missing.

What type of irony is satire?

Socratic irony involves pretending to be ignorant on a topic and asking questions to someone as a way to get them to expose their own ignorance or flaws in reasoning. This technique is commonly used in satire.

Is Red Chief Indian brand?

The company markets a leather footwear brand in India by the name of ‘RED CHIEF’. All footwear made under this brand is of leather. Footwear range of Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd was launched under the brand name Red Chief in 1997 to meet the growing demand for branded high quality leather footwear at an affordable price.

What is the difference between sarcasm and verbal irony?

Sarcasm involves the use of language to mean something other than its literal meaning, but always with the intention to mock or criticize someone or something. Verbal irony, while involving non-literal meaning of language, does not have to involve mockery or criticism.

Why did the father’s response surprise the kidnappers?

The father’s response surprises the kidnappers because they expect him to love his child and want him back. In fact, the kidnappers rely on this for their scheme to earn money: Bill, the more battered between the pair, hastens to bring back the child and pay the ransom to the father.

Why do Sam and Bill need money?

Why do Sam and Bill need two thousand dollars? They need the money for a land swindle. affected Bill and Sam’s plan to get money.

Why do they choose the town of Summit?

Summit means “highest point” or “top,” so you would expect a town of that name to be hilly or mountainous. Instead it turns out to be a flat town…”as flat as a flannel-cake.” The narrator shares that the decision to kidnap the son of Ebenezer Dorset might not be the best idea.

What is ironic or unexpected about The Ransom of Red Chief?

The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry is filled with irony as a plan to kidnap and boy and hold him for ransom goes terribly wrong. We see verbal irony when Bill attempts to entice the boy into their car with the promise of candy and a nice ride. This is the opposite of Bill’s intent.

What is ironic about calling the town Summit?

The town name, Summit ironic because highest point or top, which suggests the tow is hilly or mountainous. However, the town is “flat as a flannel-cake”. In the Ransom of Red chief, what is ironic about calling the town Summit? The boy is dangerous, and internally tries to hurt his kidnappers.

What did Red Chief threaten to do to Sam?

What did Red Chief threaten to do to Sam? They are afraid that someone may have murdered Red Chief. They are worried and anxiously searching for Red Chief. They are in disbelief that a kidnapping could happen in a small town like Summit.

How are satire and sarcasm the same Brainly?

they’re similar but they aren’t the same. satire is a comedic way of making fun of something. Sarcasm is a way of stating wrong information in a way that is obviously not true.

What is Red Chief’s real name?


Why did Sam and Bill chose the town of Summit to commit the crime?

They choose Summit for several reasons. First of all, it is a small town populated mostly by farmers, workers and tenants. Bill and Sam think these people will be pretty harmless and will not give them a lot of trouble.