Why does my guinea pig sound wheezy?

Why does my guinea pig sound wheezy?

Wheezing is often caused by an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). They are treatable in guinea pigs with certain antibiotics. This must be a “pig safe” medication, as some can be deadly and your vet should consult a list online if they’re not certain – ASK them to to be sure!

Why is my guinea pig whistling when breathing?

A guinea pig that is losing weight is likely dealing with some illness or pain but may not be showing other signs of it yet. Respiratory issues, heart issues, or allergies could cause wheezing, although usually hooting is more common for heart issues. Again, only a vet can tell you what the issue is.

Why is my guinea pig losing hair on his nose?

There are several reasons for hair loss in guinea pigs, but the most common causes are mostly microscopic. They include parasites, fungal, scurvy, barbering, functional cystic ovaries, slobbers, pododermatitis, greasy seborrhea, abscesses.

What does it sound like when a guinea pig has a respiratory infection?

Listen to your guinea pig breathe. If your guinea pig has a respiratory infection, he may have trouble breathing. Sounds of troubled breathing include wheezing and clicking noises. If your guinea pig has allergies, he may breathe more loudly, but probably won’t have trouble breathing.

What are the signs of a guinea pig dying?

Lack of Appetite. Guinea pigs that are very ill will refuse to eat, and may show signs of weight loss if the appetite loss has persisted for some time.

  • Bad Urine and Feces.
  • Fever.
  • Respiratory Problems.
  • Eye Condition.
  • Poor Coat Condition.
  • Mobility Issues.
  • Lethargy.
  • What do I do if my guinea pig has a stuffy nose?

    Colds in guinea pigs If your guinea pig shows any signs of a cold, such as a runny nose or sneezing, keep him warm and provide plenty of water. If the symptoms don’t clear within a couple of days, get him along to your local vet to rule out a more serious condition, such as pneumonia.

    What do you do when your guinea pig sounds congested?

    If Bennie the Guinea shows signs of nasal congestion, your best bet is to get the pet to the vet. While the condition could be something minor, a guinea pig’s cold can quickly turn into pneumonia, the leading cause of death in the species. The sounds your pet’s breathing makes when he’s congested are called rales.

    Why does my guinea pig sound raspy?

    Oral and respiratory infections can happen which could cause a sore throat which could change the voice. If there are Cedar or Pine shavings for a bedding this can sometimes cause allergies with Guinea Pigs. Also a diet lacking in Vitamin C could be the cause.

    What if my guinea pig has a bald spot?

    If your guinea pig has bald spots, then this could be due to mange mites or a fungal infection, both of which are easily treatable with a special shampoo. An exception is that sometimes guinea pigs may have a bald patch on their behind, caused by the substance they use to mark their territory.

    How do I know if my guinea pig has mange mites?

    With sarcoptic mange mites, the following signs may occur:

    1. Affected skin will get thick and sometimes yellowish and crusty.
    2. There may be hair loss in the affected area.
    3. Secondary bacterial skin infection commonly occurs.

    Why is my guinea pig not moving but breathing?

    A guinea pig may lie on his side when he’s sick. In this case, he may not want to move, and other symptoms of illness may be evident. Signs of illness include lethargy, difficulty moving, heavy breathing, panting, runny nose, weepy eyes, diarrhea, vomiting or anything else that’s not normal for your guinea pig.

    What is the most common cause of death in guinea pigs?

    Pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs, is a frequent cause of death in guinea pigs. Pneumonia in guinea pigs is usually caused by bacterial infection (most often Bordetella bronchiseptica, but other bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae or Streptococcus zooepidemicus may also be the cause).

    What does it mean when a guinea pig has a bald spot?

    Baldness in guinea pigs means that your guinea pig is losing hair or fur, and they have a bald spot. This can be caused by barbering, mites, lice, mange, and other parasites that damage the guinea pig skin. The following are the causes of balding and their recommended treatment for a guinea pig.

    Why is my albino guinea pig losing hair?

    A guinea pig doesn’t lose hair due to aging, there must be an infection, but the bald spots are typical. The bald spots are hairless areas, and they are widespread in albino guinea pigs. Those bald areas also lack sebaceous glands, which leads to hair loss.

    What should I do if my guinea pig is balding?

    When your Guinea pig is balding, you should first look for the causes of the balding. The causes will direct you to know the correct treatment that you should consider for baldness. Baldness in guinea pigs means that your guinea pig is losing hair or fur, and they have a bald spot.

    What causes a guinea pig to drool?

    The drooling of a guinea pig can also be caused by overeating; guinea pigs might have eaten excess food, thus drooling, leading to hair loss. The owner should control the rate of eating of its guinea pig.