Why is a gamma nail used?

Why is a gamma nail used?

The gamma nail or trochanteric nail is an osteosynthetic implant designed to treat proximal femoral fractures in the trochanter area with a closed intramedullary fixation method.

What is Gamma nailing?

Gamma is a comprehensive intramedullary nailing system for the treatment of a wide range of proximal femur fractures as well as associated femoral shaft fractures. The system is the result of over 25 years of continuous innovation and clinical history.

Why is it called a gamma nail?

Initially it was called Halifax Nail after the place where it was developed by Dr. Subhash Haldar. A group of surgeons from Strasbourg2 changed the name of this nail to a universal one i.e. Gamma Nail as the shape resembled the Greek letter.

How long does a gamma nail surgery take?

The total operating time was 77 minutes with the DHS [13], 55 minutes with locked Ender nails [4], [5], [12] and 45 minutes with the THS [11]. It was 41 minutes for the Gamma nail, evidence of the advantage of closed procedures.

Is Orif a gamma nail?

How long does a broken hip take to heal with surgery?

Most people are able to return to work 4 weeks to 4 months after surgery. But it may take 6 months to 1 year for you to fully recover. Some people, especially older people, are never able to move quite as well as they used to. You heal best when you take good care of yourself.

Is gamma nail an ORIF?

How long is recovery from hip fracture surgery?

Is Hemiarthroplasty major surgery?

A hemiarthroplasty is a rare surgery that is only performed under unique circumstances. Replacing half of a hip joint is usually done after rare traumatic injury in which the femoral head is fractured. This can be achieved in high impact falls where the hip has become displaced and fractured.

What is life expectancy after hip fracture?

Some reports show that up to 50% of patients with hip fracture die within six months and many of those who survive do not recover their baseline independence and function. In recent decades the increase in life expectancy after 60 years of age has led to an exponential growth in hip fractures.

Is a broken hip worse than a hip replacement?

Patients undergoing surgery for a hip fracture are at substantially higher risk of mortality and medical complications compared with patients undergoing an elective total hip replacement (THR).

How long does it take to walk normally after hip surgery?

Most hip replacement patients are able to walk within the same day or next day of surgery; most can resume normal routine activities within the first 3 to 6 weeks of their total hip replacement recovery. Once light activity becomes possible, it’s important to incorporate healthy exercise into your recovery program.

What is a gamma nail?

The gamma nail consists of a funnel-shaped intramedullary nail with slight bending to reflect proximal femoral diaphyseal trochanteric morphology, a large proximal opening, which features a sliding mechanism for a large femoral neck lag screw and small holes in the distal part enabling distal femoral locking of the implant 1,2.

What is gamma nail fracture fixation?

Fracture fixation using the Gamma nail technique is not without its problems, but it can be applied in nearly all cases without supplemental devices and without opening the fracture site. Its mechanical soundness allows for early weight-bearing in most cases.

What are the screws used in the gamma3 nail?

All nails* use the same Lag Screws, Set Screw, distal Locking Screws and End Caps (see Fig. 1). Gamma3 Nail 170 and 180 The anatomical shape of the nail is universal for all indications involving the treatment of trochanteric fractures. The nail is cannulated for Guide-Wire- controlled insertion.

What should be included in a radiological report on gamma nails?

The radiological report should include a description of the following features: The use of gamma nails is associated with a moderate amount of blood loss requiring an average of 2 units with the first generation gamma nails.