Why is Grand Chase closed?

Why is Grand Chase closed?

April 2015: All servers of GrandChase are shut down. Since it was an MMO, it was no longer possible to play the game. KOG Studios started working on another game called Elsword.

How old is Grand Chase?

MMO Grand Chase returns and instantly reaches Steam’s top 10. KOG Studios’ Grand Chase was an MMO-style take on side-scrolling brawlers that initially launched in 2003.

Is elsword related to Grand Chase?

Elsword, another game developed by KOG, was created as the spiritual successor to Grand Chase. In 2018, the main game received an official sequel in form of the mobile game Grand Chase: Dimensional Chaser.

What happened to Grand Chase M?

Grand Chase M was a tactical role-playing mobile spin-off of the original game developed by a different studio, DaVinci Games. As of August 10, the game ceased development and terminated its service worldwide in 2018.

How do you unlock Jin in Grand Chase?

Jin can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives. “Silver Land is a beautiful continent that is a part of Xenia. Jin of the Silver Knights is fighting against the dark forces alone. Jin will be a positive asset to your team.”

Can you still play Grand Chase PC?

The Grand Chase PC shall be back and be rebranded as Grand Chase Classic. The CBT (closed beta test) registration is now ongoing, and it goes around June 30 until July 6, 2021 on Steam. Grand Chase was a free-to-play, two-dimensional side-scrolling MMORPG, developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios.

Can you play Grand Chase on Mac?

Play GrandChase on PC and MAC with BlueStacks and gather your heroes to slay your opponents in this thrilling action packed real time strategy RPG! …

Is Grand Chase free?

Grand Chase is a free side-scrolling online action RPG with anime inspired graphics. Enjoy exciting adventures in dungeons and PvP with unique characters.

How old is LABY elsword?

14 year-old
As she does not age, she explores the world in the form of a 14 year-old and riddles whomever she meets with questions upon questions, always with a big smile on her face. Sadness, rage and hate are alien to her, as her friend, Nisha the mirror, absorbs all negative feelings.

Who is the first character introduced in Grand Chase?

Originally the game only contained three characters: Elesis the Knight, Lire the Archer and Arme the Magician.

How do you get Ronan Grand Chase Classic?

Unlocking. Ronan can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives. “A new warrior is thinking about joining the Grand Chase. If you prove yourself to the new warrior, he’ll join the Chase with you.”

What is Grand Chase Classic?

GrandChase Classic. @GrandChase. Grand Chase is the world’s first real time online fighting game. Up to 6 can battle in PvP or co-op in dungeon events!