Why is Sinharaja forest important?

Why is Sinharaja forest important?

Protecting the last viable remnant of Sri Lanka’s tropical lowland rainforest, Sinharaja is home to at least 139 endemic plant species within two main types of forest: remnants of Dipterocarpus in the valleys and on the lower slopes, and secondary forest and scrub where the original forest cover has been removed.

What plants live in the Sinharaja rainforest?

These include Depterocarpus zeylanicus, D. hispidus, Shore asp., Garcinia hermonii, xylopia championii, Mesua nagassarium, Loxococcus rupicola, Atalantia rotundifolia, Caryota urens), Calamus sp., Kokoona zeylanica, Elattaria, Coscinium fenestratum.

What are the threatened species in Sri Lanka?

Asian Elephants (Elephas Maximus Maximus)

  • The Sloth Bear (Melursus Ursinus)
  • Leopard (Panthera Pardus Kotiya)
  • The Black-Necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus Asiaticus)
  • The Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus)
  • Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys Coriacea)
  • Red Slender Loris (Loris Tardigradus)
  • Blue Whale (Balaenoptera Musculus)
  • Are there wolves in Sri Lanka?

    They can be found in almost all of the National Parks, including Yala, Wilpattu and Udawalawe.

    What is the province of Sinharaja forest?

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    Sinharaja Forest Reserve
    Location Sabaragamuwa and Southern Provinces, Sri Lanka
    Coordinates 6°25′00″N 80°30′00″ECoordinates: 6°25′00″N 80°30′00″E
    Area 88.64 km2 (34.22 sq mi)
    Established April, 1978

    What is the district of Sinharaja forest?

    Sinharaja is a tropical rain forest encircled by Ratnapura, Galle and Matara districts.

    How can we protect Sinharaja forest?

    To protect the virgin Sinharaja Rainforest, we have carried out many campaigns to stop encroachment as well as destruction of its streams for mini-hydro projects. Further, we intend to setup a Conservation Centre on the way to the main entrance in Kudawa where future conservation work can be carried out effectively.

    How many endangered animals are there in Sri Lanka?

    Sri Lanka is home to roughly 123 species of mammals, 41 of which are threatened (9 critically). 16 of the species are endemic, of which 14 are threatened, including the large sloth bear.

    Which is the national animal of Sri Lanka?


    Title Symbol
    National animal
    Sri Lankan elephant (Elephas maximus maximus)
    Lion (Panthera leo)
    National monument Independence Memorial Hall

    Do lions live in Sri Lanka?

    The Panthera Leo, or the Asiatic lion, is Sri Lanka’s national animal. The lion’s also known as the Persian or Indian lion. Unfortunately, you’ll find the animal considered dangerously extinct animals in Sri Lanka as they’re on IUCN’s Red List.

    How many lions are left in Sri Lanka?

    There are 23 million ( and growing) lion population in Sri Lanka :).. they are the strong hold of Sri Lanka as a rising nation, bastion of our great philosophies and the destiny of this island.

    How many trees are there in Sinharaja forest?

    The untapped genetic potential of Sinharaja flora is enormous, Out of the 211 woody trees and lianas so far identified within the reserve 139 (66%) are endemic.