Why wont my Salus thermostat connect?

Why wont my Salus thermostat connect?

If the RED and GREEN LED’s on the receiver are NOT flashing, you will need to Re-Pair the Thermostat and Receiver. To do this, slide the ON/OFF switch on the receiver to OFF and then slide it back to ON. The RED LED will now flash. When the RED LED’s stops flashing, the Thermostat and Receiver are paired.

How do I reset my Salus wireless thermostat?

The Backlight Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) gives a highly visible, easily readable indication of the programmable thermostat status. Press the buttons together for 3 sec. Press Up or Down to select the hour format. After power up, the thermostat is reset.

How do I reset my Salus RT500RF?

The Reset Button is provided as a way to restore the programmable thermostat to its default factory settings. Pressing this button will delete any previously entered settings. By pressing both the UP and DOWN keys together, the RT500RF will enter SLEEP mode.

Why is my RF test flashing red?

Description : A red flashing light on your Receiver means that the communications link between your Thermostat and Receiver has been lost and your devices need pairing.

How do I reconnect my thermostat to my boiler?

To connect a smart thermostat to your boiler, the thermostat will require a power source (battery or wired), as well as a receiver box if one is required. Use the screen and the buttons on the thermostat to navigate the system. In some cases, both devices will automatically connect when they are turned on.

Where do I find my Salus device code?

Fill in your Email address and choose a Password,

  1. Read and Press to Accept Terms and Conditions.
  2. Read and Press to Accept Privacy Notice,
  3. Select whether to receive correspondence from Salus Controls,
  4. Then Click the ‘Next’ button.
  5. You will now receive an email containing your ‘activation code’.

What is the hand symbol on Salus?

This will put the thermostat into Manual mode and prevent any Program Schedules from running. A Hand Symbol will be displayed on the screen to show you are in Manual Mode.