Will Tobin Bell be in Spiral: From the Book of Saw?

Will Tobin Bell be in Spiral: From the Book of Saw?

Rather than just focusing on gore, Spiral was a more socially conscious film that delved into police corruption. While still having elements that made the Saw franchise popular, Rock went in a very different direction with his film. Because of this, it makes sense that Bell wasn’t included in the movie.

Why is Tobin Bell not in the new Saw movie?

The filmmaker did share one idea he had to have Tobin Bell in the movie somehow. The song was originally going to be in the finale gunfight in Spiral, but once they had it in the movie, it felt too “gimmicky” to him, so he decided to cut it.

Is Jigsaw mentioned in Spiral?

Cast. Tobin Bell, who played John Kramer / Jigsaw in all previous Saw films, did not return in the film, making Spiral the first film in the franchise which does not physically feature Bell or feature the Jigsaw character onscreen beyond photographs.

Did Chris Rock write Spiral?

Though he didn’t direct, nor did he (officially) write the screenplay, Rock – a long-time fan of the franchise – bumped into a Lionsgate executive at a wedding and pitched an idea that was supposedly too electrifying to resist. That excitement doesn’t seem to have transferred to the film itself.

Is spiral from the Book of saw a reboot?

“Spiral is not a sequel, it’s not a remake, it is not a reimagining,” he explained. “It is a standalone movie that exists in the Saw universe. So what that means is that Saw one through eight are real, they happened, and this movie takes place in that universe, but it is its own storyline.

Is there going to be a Spiral 2?

We don’t have a confirmed release date for Spiral 2 since it’s not clear if the new Saw movie being developed is a follow-up. Spiral bucked the Halloween trend by coming out in May, so a sequel could arrive in May 2022 or they might go back to Halloween and release in October 2022.

What happens to the doctor in Saw 1?

The last man that Jill and Mark are supposed to “test” is Mark. Finally, Saw: The Final Chapter reveals that there’s more than one killer: turns out that Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes), the truant oncologist that John “tested” in the first Saw, is still alive. Yes, they do acknowledge that John Kramer died.

Who is the villain Spiral?

You and me. William Emmerson. William Emmerson, otherwise known as William Schenk or the Spiral Killer, is the deuteragonist and main antagonist of Spiral: From the Book of Saw, the ninth installment of the Saw franchise.

Is Spiral bloody?

As a result, Spiral is more like the earliest Saw films than the franchise’s more recent entries. However, says director Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed Saw II, III and IV, “this is very much a Saw movie. It’s dark, it’s violent, it’s bloody.

How old is Tobin Bell from saw?

Queens, New York, U.S. Tobin Bell (born Joseph Henry Tobin Jr.; August 7, 1942) is an American actor. He is best known for his portrayal of John Kramer / Jigsaw in the eight films of the Saw franchise.

Where did Tobin Bell grow up?

Tobin Bell. Tobin Bell is an American actor with a career in film, television and theater spanning three decades. He was born in Queens, New York and raised in Weymouth, Mass. His mother is the British actress Eileen Bell.

Who is Joseph Bell Tobin?

He is sometimes credited as Joseph Tobin in the various 1980s films such as Sophie’s Choice and Turk 182 . Bell was born in Queens, New York and raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts. His English -born mother, Eileen Julia Bell Tobin, was an actress who worked at the Quincy Repertory Company.

How many saw movies has John Bell been in?

He appears in the first eight films in the series, and also voices the character in the two video game adaptations, Saw (2009) and Saw II: Flesh & Blood (2010). His portrayal of Jigsaw has earned him five award nominations and two wins. Bell is a life member of the Actors Studio.