Would the video have been more effective or less effective if the story had been told by Dachina?

Would the video have been more effective or less effective if the story had been told by Dachina?

Would the video have been more effective or less effective if Dachina had told the story? The video might have been more effective if Dachina told the story because we would get more insight into how she feels about the ritual.

What is inside a medicine bag?

Typical items found in a Medicine bag, or bundle include various herbal remedies including tobacco, cedar, sage and sweetgrass used in Smudging Rituals. Other objects include a pipe, paint and skins and appendages of various animals – for additional information refer to Medicine Pouch.

Why isn’t Grandpa giving the medicine bag to his oldest son?

Why isn’t Grandpa giving the medicine bag to his eldest son? His eldest son died in a war. He doesn’t think his son deserves it. He thinks Martin needs it more.

What point of view is the medicine bag told from?

The story, “The Medicine Bag,” is told from the point of view of Martin, a young, half-Lakota boy, who learns from his grandfather the importance of a sacred tradition.

What do the symbols in the ritual mean?

The symbol has been variously translated but could mean “inherited estate” or even “descent”. It might allude to the fact that the friends have stumbled into the creature’s territory, or alternatively it could even point to the creature’s mythical lineage. Either way, it’s clearly a portent of doom.

When Grandpa arrives what happens to him?

The stories that the narrator tells their friends about Grandpa and the reservation makes Grandpa sound glamorous to the narrator’s friends. When Grandpa arrives at Martin’s house he fainted after giving a hug to Martin’s little sister, Cheryl.

Where does Grandpa live in the medicine bag?

He was our great-grandfather, and he didn’t live in a tepee, but all by himself in a part log, part tar-paper shack on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

What symbol are part of the ritual and what does each represent?

What symbols are part of the ritual, and what does each represent? White clay on her face which represents their Gods, the pollen represents fertility, dancing for ten hours for endurance, the basket represents the stages of life and the tipi represents the beginning and end of the ritual.

Which statement most accurately describes with the medicine bag symbolizes to Martin’s grandpa?

Which statement most accurately describes what the medicine bag symbolizes to Martin’s grandpa? It symbolizes his connection to his family members and his way of life. It symbolizes his hope that Martin will one day live on the reservation. It symbolizes the sacred dream he had during his vision quest.

What does the sage represent in the medicine bag?

3. What does the leaf of sage placed in the bag represent? The sage represents the main character’s contribution to the tradition of the medicine bag; he must find his own piece of sage, place it in the bag, and never open it again until he passes it on, just as his ancestors did before him.

Did Grandpa die in the medicine bag?

Martin received the medicine bag from his great grandfather after his great grandfather handed the bag to martin he went to bed. He was taken to the hospital that night and died two weeks later. Martin’s predecessors had placed their own sacred possessions in the medicine bag.

How does Martin’s view of the medicine bag change what changes his mind?

How do martins changing feelings about the medicine bag help show what it represents? This represents his exhaustion and tiredness. The purpose is to show how weary and worn out he is.

What is the significance of grandpa’s medicine bag?

It represents their family’s vision quest and history. The medicine bag has a great cultural significance to the Sioux. The medicine bag represents the grandfather and the family’s Sioux heritage through the story. The boy’s embarrassment over his grandfather parallels the boy’s embarrassment over the medicine bag.

Why was Martin ashamed of his grandfather?

Why was Martin embarrassed that Grandpa was at his home? He had exaggerated stories about his native American grandfather and he didn’t want to be found out.

Why did Martin and his family feel guilty about Grandpa visiting them?

He then feels guilty for feeling embarrassed by his grandpa’s arrival. Martin feels guilty that he wasn’t happy to see Grandpa when he arrived.